Want to Learn the Growing Methods Behind Sanctuary Oysters? Oui!


Adapting the French farming method to Mexico, our founders’ French roots elevate the standard growth process with an innovative approach to producing oysters. Our oyster production uses bags placed in intertidal beds as part of our unique above-seabed growing techniques. Taking roughly a year and a half to harvest each oyster, the beautiful Biosphere Reserve in Baja is the perfect place to grow our oysters because of the sea water’s exceptionally clean nature.

 The West Coast of Baja is roughly 1,000 miles of beaches, cliffs and untouched land. As a desert region, we have little rain which means no run off so our oysters are grown in pure Pacific Ocean waters. Along our coast upwellings exist, which brings deep, cold water to the surface of the ocean. This unique component enables the high diversity of nutrient rich phytoplankton, the food for the bivalves.

Oysters are filter-feeding on algae, so all they need is clean and rich water to survive. In order for our oysters to develop their delectable flavor, the Sanctuary Oysters production process is handled with care – each step playing a crucial role in growing our oysters to reach commercial size.


There are 4 major steps in the production process of Sanctuary Oysters.

 1.     First off, our oyster hatchery production takes roughly three months from the egg to the small seed before it is ready to go to the farm. This step happens on land in large holding tanks so we can control the water conditions, temperatures and special natural diets.

2.     Once ready, the oysters move onto the stocking state at the farm. This occurs in open water for nearly two months when the small seeds are kept in safe boxes to protect them from any type of predators.

3.     Afterwards, the pre-growing stage is when the small oysters are placed in mesh bags on racks in the intertidal area for two months. This is what we call our above-seabed technique, which is the focal point of how we grow our Pacific oysters. We believe in this process because it nutritionally feeds and cleanses our oysters – allowing them to nourish themselves by filter-feeding on phytoplankton. Through this practice, our oysters are able to soak up the nutrients while avoiding the growth of avoiding the growth of any epiphyte.

4.     The last growing stage of our oysters takes place for approximately one year. This is when our Sanctuary Oysters are placed in slightly larger bags in the intertidal zone. During this stage, the oysters will stay out of the water at low tide once a day to ensure to get them more resistant. When Sanctuary Oysters reach their commercial size, they are harvested, hand-packed and transported at low temperatures to our consumers!

Excellent source of vitamins, loaded with minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and more, our unique aquaculture techniques focus on sustainable resources that keep the environment healthy, oysters mouthwatering and enthusiasts wanting more.

Would you would like to hear more about our growing techniques from the Sanctuary Oysters team? Feel free to reach out to us at info@solazul.com.mx.