The History of Sanctuary Oysters | Who We Are


For over 20 years, Sanctuary Oysters have been celebrated for their superb quality and impeccable clean taste. The full-flavored oysters are grown at ‘the end of the earth’ along the Baja California peninsula, which is a sanctuary untouched by modern civilization. We pride ourselves in knowing that the oysters we raise come from a quaint lagoon in the heart of El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, where we produce the most delicious organic oysters in the seafood industry.

Sanctuary Oysters are carefully tucked away in the pristine Biosphere Reserve, an internationally-recognized ecosystem designated by the UNESCO World Heritage site. They are nourished in the idyllic water, which helps them develop their delicious and robust flavor. Throughout the production process, we aim to protect natural sites and promote conservation by upholding the highest sustainable standards in the world.  

The protected waters are full of nutrient rich phytoplankton resulting in delicious oysters with remarkable texture, taste and appearance. Nestled along the western coast of Baja California, Sanctuary Oysters come from a place where many biological wonders thrive. We like to say the oysters are raised by whales who migrate 5,000 miles from Alaska to Baja California to mate!

Bathed in the purest ocean tides, our founders’ French roots elevate the standard growth process with an innovative approach to producing oysters. Using above-seabed techniques to nutritionally feed and cleanse our treasured oysters, they are able to nourish themselves by filter-feeding on the cold phytoplankton from the tops and bottoms of their shells. With this practice, our oysters are able to soak up the nutrients from water both above and below them while avoiding the growth of barnacles.

From seed to farm to plate, we also do our part in contributing to our local economy. We employ a team of people from the surrounding rural beaches of Baja California to help the community prosper. In addition to being community focused, Sanctuary Oysters holds numerous Organic Certifications. We are certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, E.U. Certified Organic by European Union Standards and a Green Rated Farm Partner for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

The entire Sanctuary Oyster team invests in the growth of our oysters to promote sustainability and the tastiest oysters, anywhere in the world. To learn more about our treasured oysters, growing techniques or sustainability efforts, shoot us an email us at