Big News | Restaurant Depot Announcement

As of March 2019, we’ve partnered with Restaurant Depot to distribute our delicious oysters to independent restaurants, caterers and more! Sanctuary Oysters is thrilled to expand our products throughout the Restaurant Depot stores in Southern California. Since Restaurant Depots values align with who we are – to provide consistent quality, continuity of supply and great service – the partnership was a perfect fit.

As a wholesale cash and foodservice supplier, Restaurant Depot helps independent food businesses find fresh and high-quality products like Sanctuary Oysters. By bridging the gap between us and restaurants, we are able to deliver our mouthwatering oysters to more buyers at unbeatable prices. Meaning that we can continue to grow Sanctuary Oysters without having to compromise who we are.  

Restaurant Depot’s chain of stores sell only to food service businesses who are seeking a broad selection of products from food to equipment and anything in-between. The foodservice supplier operates at a lower price point, resulting in the ability to move higher volume. So, what does this mean for Sanctuary Oysters?

Our goal is to become the leading oyster brand for West Coast stores and beyond! Currently serving nearly 15 Restaurant Depot store fronts across Southern California, Sanctuary Oysters is rapidly growing. This increase in sales allows us continue to share our delectable oysters to more people throughout the West Coast – generating more opportunities for company growth.

Since the partnership began, we’ve expanded from delivering 40 cases per week up to roughly 125 to 150 cases per week and we expect the sales to continue to increase. Establishing this partnership with Restaurant Depot means that we’ve locked ourselves in on a good, consistent buyer that puts our products directly in front of restaurants throughout Southern California.

As the sales growth continues to increase, so does the demand for our fresh oysters. If you’re interested in learning where you can purchase Sanctuary Oysters, don’t hesitate to reach out at