What it’s Like to Work With Sanctuary Oysters | Impeccable Customer Service to Match the Taste!

At Sanctuary Oysters, we’re committed to growing the tastiest oysters and promoting sustainability. And when you work with us, it shows. For more than 20 years, our team has produced oysters that are continually celebrated for their superb quality and impeccably clean taste. Whether it comes to practicing responsible farming methods, protecting our region’s ecosystem or encouraging the development of our local communities, we care—a lot. And we think that makes a major difference when you do business with us!


Our customers trust us because we deliver on what we promise them. We don’t just “talk the talk,” we truly follow through on the values and practices that we believe in—from seed to farm to plate. It all starts from our growing process. We invest in the best growth of our oysters by implementing specific above-seabed techniques and operating our farm within the pristine El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ensures that our oysters soak up essential nutrients in the purest ocean tides while avoiding the growth of barnacles or any epiphyte. And don’t forget to combine that with aquaculture practices that follow nationally recognized certifications. The result? Our customers get full-flavored oysters boasting the cleanest taste.


We’re also committed to protecting our region’s ecosystem. That’s why we’re proud to be the only farm in North America certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, an independent, international non-profit with a mission to minimize negative impacts on the environment while supplying food and social benefits for humans. The ASC ensures that businesses do not use harmful pesticides, harm or threaten endangered species or their habitats, or institute forced labor and child labor. So when our customers do business with us, they’re confident that their seafood is farmed with the best environmental and social practices.


And to bring it full circle, our customers work with a passionate team because we’re passionate about our local community. At Sanctuary Oysters, we employ a team of people from the surrounding rural beaches of Baja California to help the local economy prosper. Our team is dedicated to delivering what we promise and if there are any issues, we’re quick to communicate and look for solutions. You could say we’ve got impeccable customer service to match the taste!


What we value, how we farm, and how our team practices what we believe in is what makes us Sanctuary Oysters. From our early beginnings to this very day, we’ll always be committed to raising the best oysters with the most responsible practices. Are you ready to work with an awesome, dedicated team? Shoot us an email please at info@solazul.com.mx.

Madeline Balicoco