All Things Oysters | From Shucking to What Makes an Oyster Taste 'Clean', We Have You Covered!

When it comes to seafood, there’s nothing more delicious than a just-shucked oyster. However, if you’re diving into tasting this delicacy for the first time, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re getting ready to pair our oysters with exceptional wines or dine out with your family, it’s handy to know how to shuck them open and what makes them taste clean.


Shucking oysters is much easier than you think. The major advantage to cracking them open is enjoying the freshest, juiciest taste. So where do you start? Just follow these steps and with a bit of practice, you’ll become a pro:

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1.      Grab the right tools. We prefer grabbing a reliable oyster knife. It has a guard around the blade to prevent any slipping and it’s meant to get the job done. It’s important to have a thin edge you can work between the shells that’s also strong enough to pry them open. You’ll also need something to hold the oysters—a clean oven mitt, rag or kitchen towel will do the trick.

2.      Hold the oyster down. Be sure to grab your mitt or rag for this step. A helpful tip is to hold the flat side up and the curvier side down. The cupped side will catch all those tasty juices!

3.      Insert your tool and twist. Once your oyster is held in place, you’ll want to look for the “hinge” —this is where the shells are being held together by the muscle. After spotting where it is, slide your knife between the shells near the hinge and twist your knife to pop it open.

4.      Slide your tool between the shells. After popping the hinge open, slide the knife between the shells to separate any parts that are still stuck together.

5.      Open and enjoy! Now that you separated the two shells, you can remove the top shell and dig in. Be sure to slurp up those flavorful juices!

Now that you know how to shuck them open, it’s important to know what makes an oyster taste clean. At Sanctuary Oysters, we farm our oysters at the heart of the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Baja California. This idyllic lagoon is the perfect place to grow our oysters because of the sea water’s exceptionally clean nature. And since oysters filter feed on algae, all they need is clean, rich water to survive. It takes roughly a year and a half to harvest each oyster and each step of our production process is handled with care.

A major part of our oyster production is our unique above-seabed growing technique. When our Pacific oysters hit the pre-growing stage, they’re placed in mesh bags on racks in the intertidal area, which nutritionally feeds and cleanses our oysters. This prevents the growth of any epiphyte and ensures the oysters can soak up all the nutrients they need. Once our oysters are ready to be harvested, their mouthwatering taste, vitamins and minerals are ready to be enjoyed by enthusiasts everywhere. 


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Madeline Balicoco