The Story Behind Sanctuary Oysters Packaging | Recyclable and Informative

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Sanctuary Oysters is committed to limiting our environmental impact and one way we do this is with our bold packaging! In 2018, we made the decision to have each and every one of our delicious oysters get delivered in 100% recyclable, reusable and leak proof red boxes. Our team is dedicated to innovation and cutting-edge techniques, which is why we vowed to find a more sustainable and practical packaging to reduce our impact on the environment.


While traditional packaging is typically cheaper, it will always end up in landfills. This is due to the coated wax that make them moisture resistant – in turn making them not recyclable. Our team wanted to have a product that complements our values. We pride ourselves in being a leader in the seafood industry through sustainable growing practices and we believe that with these treatments our packaging should be no different. Despite the cost, we chose to do it.


In search of a solution, we had to get our hands-on sustainable packaging alternatives that were convenient, efficient and practical for our mouthwatering oysters. Our new custom packages feature our bold red brand colors, designed specifically to transfer and deliver our delicious oysters. These leak proof boxes hold the temperature better, which is crucial in the keeping our oysters fresh from farm to table!


These custom designed boxes also gave us an opportunity to be informative and stand out! We get to educate our distributors, restaurants and relators about our brand mission statements; raised by whales, from the ends of the earth, nourished by biosphere reserve and bathed in the purest ocean tides. You will also see an Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification stamp, which showcases the certification our farm received because of our commitment to operating the best environmental and social practices.


Carlos Cardenas, vice president of sales and marketing for Sanctuary Oysters, believes that while it’s not easy to grapple with our environmental impact, it is our responsibility to act. “I want to leave this planet in a better condition than when I arrived,” said Carlos. “This takes leadership, risk and courage.”


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Madeline Balicoco